Abdur Rahim Panchanan Pal Institution

(Recognized by NCTE and Affiliated by WBUTTEPA)

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The college has a well-equipped Library with adequate number of Books of Dramas, Novels, Biographical Books, Dictionaries, Juvenile Literature, and Astronomical-Physical-Educational-Psychological Books and Enclopedias. Trainees will be benefited from the college library with different kinds of Magazines, Journals and Daily News Papers. The library has photocopying facilities and a computer with Internet facilities. Each trainee will get the books against his/her library card.

There are some books in the library which are mainly meant for reference. The trainees will get the privilege to use these books within the library during library hours.

Brief Description of Instructionals as per ERC-NCTE Meeting No.- 246:

S# Instructional Details  
1. Total number of Titles : B.Ed- 2105, D.EL.Ed- 1100
2. Number of books in the library : B.Ed- 5382, D.EL.Ed- 2004
3. Total number of educational Journals / periodicals being subscribed : 15
4. Computer Laboratory : Yes
5. No. of Computers : 24
6. Internet Access : Yes
7. LAN : Yes
8. Lab Details Labs are avilable :

1. Curriculam Lab 01 (Chemistry Lab)
2. Curriculam Lab 02 (Physics & Math Lab)
3. Curriculam Lab 03 (Social Science)
4. ET & ICT Resource Center
5. Computer Lab
6. Art & Craft Resource Center
7. Health & Physical Educational Resource Center
8. Psychology Lab
9. Language Lab
10. Yoga Lab
11. Music Lab

Brief Description of Laboratories:

S# Lab Details  
1. Science Laboratory The Institution has both Physics and Chemistry Lab. Separately with well equipped Lab. Materials related to curricula of B.Ed. course such as various Test,othrs.
2. Life Science Lab The Institute has a Life Science  Lab and all essential Lab meterials to teach the pedagogy subject along with seat capacity 20nos. of  students.
3. Geography Lab Geography Lab is meant for trainees belongs to Pedagogy subject of social Sc. With sufficient Lab materials and instrument.
4. E.T Lab This Lab is one of the important Lab for Teachers Training Programm for imparting Knowledge regarding ICT Based Education following instrument is available Laptop, LCD Projector, TV, OHP, Radio, Tep Recorder, VCD Player, CD, ETC.
5. I.C.T. Lab The ICT Lab has 20 computer with internet facilities, scanner, Printer to impact ICT based education to the trainees. ICT Lab room is well equipped.
6. Language Lab Language Lab are available with map, language related books computer, voice recording instruments, Micro Phone , Head Phone and other materials related to Language teaching.
7. Psychology Laboratory In order to understand the child behavior the trainer should develop the knowledge of Psychology, So the Institution has a Psychology Lab with various text Experiments related to Psychology Subjects.
P.O - Choa, Block - Hariharpara, Town / City - Choa. District - Murshidabad, State - West Bengal, Pin - 742166
Mob : 9733052266 / 9733089786, Website : www.arppinstitution.org